David Stern

David M. Stern, MD, Chair of the Board of University Clinical Health, Robert Kaplan Executive Dean of the College of Medicine, Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, UTHSC

About David M. Stern, MD, Chair of the Board of University Clinical Health, Robert Kaplan Executive Dean of the College of Medicine, Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, UTHSC

Dr. David Stern, a career physician scientist, is devoted to advancing health and wellness of populations served by University Clinical Health. Highly engaged in our community, his constant efforts to promote health and eliminate disparities in care are intended to help all our neighbors achieve their greatest potential.

For Dr. Stern, University Clinical Health is the lifeblood of the College of Medicine at UTHSC. It provides the opportunity for faculty to practice medicine in an environment created by the physicians and focused on patients and their families. It is truly a physician-led and professionally managed organization. Our vision, under Dr. Stern’s leadership, is to apply clinical innovations of every kind while treating all patients who come to its doors. UTHSC is very proud to carry discovery forward to patients through this faculty practice group.

Evidence-based medicine, informed by research and characterized through innovation, is the foundation of the care provided by our organization. One impactful example is the spring 2016 arrival of a mobile stroke unit with capacity to diagnose and treat stroke on location. Since “time is brain” for our patients suffering from stroke, accelerated treatment should lead to better outcomes for our patients. As we live in the buckle of the stroke belt, this is a particularly important advancement for our community.

Dr. Stern’s career began at Harvard Medical School and was followed by training in internal medicine at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University in New York City. In more than two decades at Columbia, he became a specialist in blood vessel diseases and was the Carus Professor and Founding Director of the Center for Vascular and Lung Pathobiology. In 2002, Dr. Stern became the Chief Clinical Officer and Dean of the School of Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia. With a desire to continue in medical administration, he went on to become Dean of the College of Medicine and Vice President for Health Affairs at the University of Cincinnati, where he was responsible for re-engineering the model for faculty physicians practicing clinical medicine. More than 17 separate corporations representing different clinical departments were streamlined into a central organization known for state-of-the-art clinical and business practices.

After arriving in Memphis, Dr. Stern recruited a new management team, led by Andrew Botschner, to meet the challenges faced by (then) UT Medical Group. Once again, Dr. Stern and his leadership team reshaped the faculty practice model. This new structure brought groups of physicians together into university-health system practice groups, such as the pediatricians who entered a joint venture practice group between UT and LeBonheur Children’s Hospital, with the current physicians serving in the newly named University Clinical Health remaining as a cohesive group.

Our rebranding of UTMG to University Clinical Health recognizes its status as a new university medical group focused on the delivery of value-based care and innovation. For example, our nascent addiction science program will expand to serve patients with substance use disorders in our community to address this devastating problem that cuts across all segments of society.